Jason Hyung-gu Kang built his photography foundation on technical skills acquired as a Materials Scientist for 21 years. It wasn't until he took his camera outside the laboratory that he discovered his passion for photography as he encountered the vibrance of the world through his camera.
Kang is a strong believer of straight forward photography that does not rely heavily on post-processing. He puts emphasis on capturing candid moments rather than images orchestrated for photography.
He works in both monochrome and color in various genres, including portraiture, landscape, wild life, still life and photo essays. He is enthusiastic about photojournalism and worked on numerous projects, e.g. refugees, adoption/foster care, homeless and public awareness.
Since 2010, he had two solo exhibitions and a group exhibition.
Kang has been teaching photography through his workshop since 2008 to over 200 professional and non-professional photo enthusiasts.
Born in Korea, he currently lives in Duluth, Georgia.