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"A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into."
- Ansel Adams

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Photography, for Jason Hyung-gu Kang, is like a small window through which he observes the world surrounding him. It is a silent documentation of his life – it is his diary. What he photographs might seem trivial to some, but they are sharp slices of his emotions frozen in time. Kang loves the deep emotional connection he feels with the world through his camera.  
Kang's main motivation in photography is to provide a portfolio for his children. He is preparing one image at a time so that later, not only his children, but anyone who views his work, can trace his footsteps and perhaps better understand him and what he has captured.  
The subjects in Kang's photographs depends highly on his emotional status. However, the most important element is whether he has made a connection with his subject. The images Kang photograph can be lifeless solid material to a cry out of a living soul. It's not about what he captures, but how he captures it, and why the composition is more important than what subject he will be shooting.  
Kang has no preference as to what he photographs, and he welcomes and enjoy new challenges. No matter what he's photographing he always think about the storytelling the project will produce. 
One of Kang's hobby is reading, and he frequently gets his inspiration from beautiful quotes. A keyword that he likes in a quote will settle in his heart. As Kang live his daily life he may encounter a situation where he can pair a certain keyword with a scene occurring in front of him and he tries his best to capture that moment in a simple, poetic fashion.  

Jason Hyung-gu Kang built his photography foundation in the field of science. It wasn't until he took his camera outside the laboratory that he discovered his passion for photography as he encountered the vibrance of the world through his camera. 

Born in Korea, Kang currently lives in Duluth, Georgia with his family. Also he has been actively serving the community with his two certified therapy dogs, Boogie and Tango. 

In his spare time Kang keeps a healthy life style by training Jiu-jitsu. 



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